Practice Morse Code


Imagine, a huge tornado or flood devastates your city and all power lines are down, cell phones are down. Knowing morse code will be your only form of contact with the outside world in order to contact rescue teams.

On this website you will find many ways to carry out morse code practice and learn how to say some of the most popular phrases like “I love you” in morse code. You can practice the most common phrases with flash cards and share what you have learned in chat rooms with other individuals both beginner and advanced.

Many individuals think that it is outdated or a worthless skill to have, but what is the difference between morse code and texting? In fact they are very similar and it has been found that old fashioned morse code is actually faster than our current form of sending messages (texting).

In the video below you will see a little competition done on the Jay Leno show that also proved the point that telegraph/ham radio/morse code is actually faster than texting. It really wasn’t even a competition. So not only can is it faster than modern forms of communication but it can also save your life some day when modern technology fails in a disaster.

So have fun searching through the site and sharing what you have learned or what you already know and be sure to share with your friends.